What is Your Motion IQ


Use the following words to answer the questions:





Centripetal force





Air resistance


  1. A car hits a tree and doesnít stop, but keeps going until itís severely damaged.Why?


  1. When a space capsule returns to Earth after a mission, it glows red-hot as it enters the atmosphere because of ____________.


  1. Mark and his friends love the Terminator roller coaster because of its 360o loops.Nobody falls out when the cars are upside-down because of ___________________.


  1. Josh and Ramon head toward each other on their roller blades at the same speed.But, because they are going opposite directions they do not share the same __________________________.


  1. The blade of an ice skate melts the ice beneath it and reduces ___________________________________.


  1. Jolene shoots an arrow at a target many feet away, but the arrow curves toward the ground before it gets to the target, due to the force of __________________.


  1. The sleek shape of a bobsled reduces _____________________ and allows greater speeds.


  1. A pool player hits the eight ball, which slams into a second ball. The eight ball stops, but the second ball goes forward, because of _________________________.


  1. Michael waxes his skis so theyíll go faster.Heís reducing the force of ________________________________.


  1. Scott falls off his skateboard.He comes to a crashing stop against the sidewalk, but his skateboard rolls on because of _________________________.


  1. Showing off, Megan swings a bucket of water around in circles, upside-down.No water spills out.Why?


  1. The snowboard sits at the bottom of the hill, unmoving, until Andrea gets on it and pushes it along._________________kept it from moving.


  1. Jimís little sister isnít swinging very high, so he gives her a huge push to get her higher.This shows an increase in ________________________.


  1. Kate drops her math paper out of her second floor bedroom window to share with her friend, Evan, who is waiting below.It takes a really long time for the paper to get down to him because of ______________________________.


  1. Tom bragged to Tara that he watched a centipede crawl the whole length of his room in the time he did his homework.His room is 16 feet long and his homework took 2.5 hours, so heís saying the centipede traveled at 6.4 feet per hour.What characteristic of motion has he calculated?